No play ground is total without security emerging to cushion falls and stumbles. CorePlay play area tiles are developed solely to lower the danger of severe injury related to falls from playground devices.

From the conventional Softpave- Non-Pigmented and Pigmented line to more than 15 styles of CorePlay Ultra, CorePlay is the play area security surface area of option for reorganized and brand-new play grounds.

It includes simple setup and upkeep, vibrant color options, and the market's only 15-year service warranty! CorePlay has regularly blazed a trail ahead of time the technology to make rubber play area appearing much safer and more available for kids of any ages and capabilities.

Produced in the U.S.A. by Ecore from recycled rubber, CorePlay Safety Surfacing is created to minimize the threat of severe injury related to falls from play area devices.

Any design motivation or spirited color pattern can be executed with CorePlay's custom color and logo design abilities. CorePlay includes simple setup and upkeep and uses the market's only 15-year guarantee!